Monday, August 13, 2012

2 Tips of 2012 Olympic Memorabilia for Your Phones!

As the London 2012 ends, we have enjoyed a wonderful game show! Even though it closed, we still miss all exciting competitions London 2012 gave, especially the moments our favorite team or sports stars struggle for champion. Yes, we should remember this Olympic Games, or keep on the Olympic spirit in our daily life to encourage ourselves. The best way to achieve this is to keep or make some Olympic Memorabilia with your phones so that you can review this Games whenever!
LONDON 2012 logo

1. Buy Olympic Memorabilia online
Before London 2012 ends, some organizations or factories have made many kinds of Olympic Memorabilia for shopping online, such as toys, cards, water bottles and even pillows and blankets! These are all useful in our daily life, but also can be kept as Olympic souvenirs! How about mobile devices’ accessories? Manufactories will not miss any business opportunity! They have also made some cute and beautiful phone accessories like phone chains and protective coverings. We can buy these collectibles in NBC’ universal store and eBay! 
2012 Olympic phone covering

2. Making 2012 Olympic PowerPoint Slides and DVD 

Moyea ppt to DVD converterIn this 2012 Olympic, The USA defeated Spain 107-100 in the men's basketball final Sunday. As the gap narrows between the U.S. and the rest of the world, it's not as easy for the Americans to dominate every game. Shall we remember these moments for us? We can make some PowerPoint slides or DVD for them. Looking back the whole Games, we have experienced so many this kind of priding games and we should take actions to do something for these athletes and sports fans like us! First, we just pick up some beautiful photos to make a simply PPT, and then we can add some words we want to say for every photo. The whole process is very easy and worthy! if you convert this PPT to video or keep into DVD, it will be shared on YouTube or watch on your TV and iPad/iPhone!

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