Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Travel Around London with Your Phones Faster

Today is DAY 3 for London 2012, and hundreds of thousands of people have swarmed into London. As a local when you are on the commute, you will feel the transportation pressure. If you are travelers and today’s match schedule is not your favorite, you will prefer to go out into London for visiting some streets and famous places. So you absolutely need some navigation apps with your phones in order to ease the extra stress and travel faster. Here we will pick out some useful apps for you based on the possible and key travelling modes like walking, bus, cycling. 

Google Maps
No doubt it is the worldwide popular map app wherever you are. The latest release of Google maps offers you detailed maps with 3D buildings, and driving, public transit, biking, and walking directions. You also can get voice-guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation, live traffic information to avoid congestion, and in particular Google Maps Street View. Yes, it is the best map app for you. Of course, you could simply surf the Google maps website for navigation.
tube map

Tube Map
The most downloaded and used Tube map app on the App Store is the Official licensed Tube map from Transport for London, covering zones 1 through 6. It assists you plan your route to find the fastest journey or fewest changes, but also helps you find out the nearest station. You can get underground departure times and real-time service updates to keep track of delays on the lines. By the way, it can run feely on IOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Barclays Bikes
Barclays Bikes
If you prefer to cycle rather than take the bus or tube around London, this is the app you should keep. The app takes the total number of available bikes to 8,300 from 15,000 docking points across central and east London. You can locate bike docks near you as you need and quickly find the nearest docking point to drop your bike off. At the same time, it helps you plan your route with route information and turn by turn navigation, set an alarm on your rental timer so you know when to return your bike, and also allows bookmarking the docking stations you use regularly. Obviously it saves you troubles to find bikes without hunting around. 

London Bus Checker
London BUS
It is the Live Bus Countdowns for every stop in London on your iPhone and Android! In other cities, you may know which bus passes along your stop or destinations, but you are not sure when the bus will arrive. But the London Bus Checker can solve this and other troubles for you when you take a bus in London. You can instantly see when your bus is due and gain Real-time information - not from timetables of buses. Its Full route maps helps you see where your bus goes and the Stop Alerts will wakes you up when you get to your bus stop! Moreover, it automatically locates nearest stops on map and stores your favorites for you. Luckily, it is available on both iOS and Android.

With the help of these map apps, you are definitely glad to avoid the traffic problems and travel around London during the Olympics.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Last-minutes Preparation for Your iPhone before London 2012 Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012 is just hours away after seven years of preparations, and the three-hour spectacle in the Olympic Stadium will be viewed by a global TV audience of around a billion people. 

However, who will light the Olympic Flame, David Beckham or Roger Bannister? Which is the Theme Song and who will sing it? Can London’ opening ceremony match Beijing? These all will be highlights tonight. Moreover, when the Games begins, the news about Olympics from TV and your phones is absolutely pouring in front of us, we must make sure to get the official and latest news and results on your favorite stars whenever, such as Jamaican track star Usain Bolt , Chinese Liuxiang, and American Phelps. The worst situation is that you are looking forward to watching Bolt running but the TV is still reporting the swimming games. So more news resources for alternative are worthy! And today is the last chance to prepare and install more apps for your iPhone!

To gain the overall and latest results, even though we have installed some similar apps like those from BBC and NBC, we also can choose the London 2012 which is The Official London 2012 Results App. It provides all the latest news, live schedules and results, allowing us to keep up-to-date with the latest action LIVE across all Olympic sports. Likewise, we can follow any participating country, receive news and updates tailored to our needs and manage favorites, reminders and settings. We will keep informed: set up notifications and alerts to keep you posted throughout the Games. 

Besides, the Yahoo! Beyond Gold 2012 app, Built for iPhone and iPad users, also gives you all the up-to-the-minute news, latest results and everything you need to keep up with the games. But it is developed by Yahoo, so we could get exclusive sports content from the experts that know the games in Exclusive Yahoo at the same time!
main manu

These and the apps suggested before all are the essential FREE apps for all sports fans to share the excitement of London 2012! We just pick out one or more apps to install as needed. I wish everyone unforgettable journey in London and have good time during the Games wherever you are!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sharing Photos in London for the First “Social Media” Olympics

Instagram photo1
The recent researches have shown that the Olympic London 2012 will be the first “social media” Olympic Games. On Twitter, six million users were on the service in 2008. Now, over 600 million have signed up. Facebook users also have an explosive growth. Moreover, a larger amount of adults tell that they will keep up with the Olympic 2012 on two or more mobile devices. And most of mobile apps have the social networking function. In other words, most people are going to share what they feel and see in London like their comments and photos with friends online. If you don’t like to be far behind your friends, or want to attract their attention on your live-reporting, preparing some good photography and sharing apps will be your best choice!
Instagram photo2

As we know, there are lots of choices for this kind of app. IOS users can use iPhoto, Camera+, Instagram and Procamera and so on. Android users can try apps such as Retro Camera and FxCamera. They are all- featured. All of us definitely can find out an app we like. To be honest, I prefer Instagram along with Flickr and Facebook camera, because I have been used to them and they are all free and available for IOS and Android system. 

It is a fact that 50 million users love Instagram! It's a free, fun, and simple to use! You can transform every moment into works of art, and instantly share to Facebook, Twitter.

Flickr obviously is the popular sharing tool. With it you can shoot and share photos & videos, and then see recent photos from your friends, family and the Flickr community all over the world.
Facebook camera creates image-only feeds with speedy uploading. You can post a bunch of photos at once, tag friends, add captions and see photos from other apps.

Reuter Olympic
In addition, sometimes at the most exciting moment some of us in the audience can’t take good photos due to the shooting angle. Reuters Olympics London 2012 could be an alternative. This app delivers the best live Olympics photos & moments captured by Reuters award-winning photographers. You can immediately get and share the wonderful and splendid HD photos online.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Do you still remember Michael Johnson? The world-class Olympic gold-winner made history at the 1996 Summer Olympics when he became the first man to win both the 200m and the 400m gold at the same games. Johnson is the fastest man ever over 400m, and also kept the world record for the 200m until overtaken by Usain bolt in Olympic 2008. Now he is back! He is not back on the Olympic track, but back on training with us, along with the release of his two motivational running apps. “I truly believe that it will help many people achieve more out of their running and will make it more fun too. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm with all those runners out there.”Said Johnson.

MOTIV 8The Michael Johnson Motiv8 app helps you to get  fitness back on track, gives you an Olympic legend as their running coach and has Michael run alongside you throughout running. Its unique 'timesplicing' allows runners of all standards and all ages to run with words of encouragement from him every step of the way. Before starting, you could choose from different Olympic standard warm-ups as well as targeting a selection of time and distance challenges. During running, you can not only Listen to your favourite music tracks while Michael Johnson will give you feedback on your music, but also see your progress on the in-built map and the distance, time and pace of each run. In the end, you maybe receive the ultimate accolade - a Michael Johnson Certificate of Achievement, and just share the details on Twitter or Facebook to impress your friends.

FUN RUNAnd the other app? It is a casual and funning game. The Michael Johnson’s Fun Run aims to encourage more people especially children to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and exercise and a good diet are key to achieving this. In different environments, it always promises frighteningly fast-paced action, fantastic food facts. Though your fingers are doing the sprinting, it’s your mind that’s doing the thinking, reinforcing the message that burgers and milkshakes slow you down whilst healthy alternatives put you on the right track! Amazing! I think this is a good solution to the problem of child obesity nowadays in USA and Europe.

The Motiv8 and Fun Run is available on iTunes, and in Google Play Motiv8 is also available.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Great Olympic App on Android and iPhone from BBC

The London 2012, another great sports feast, is looking forward to your coming. London and the whole UK is ready! What about you? Maybe you will miss the Games, or you have made an earlier arrival in London. But there are so many games that you can’t watch all games you like, and possibly some games will hold at the same time. You must be very anxious! In my first blog, two NBC Olympic apps had been suggested for people in USA. But you are out of America, so now I am going to advise one more app for you, especially the guys in Britain. 

BBC Olympic is the new and first app on Android and iPhone developed by BBC. “The app adds even greater value to the BBC Sport mobile experience, ensuring you never miss a moment of the Games.” Says one general manager from BBC. It offers you direct coverage of the Olympics from the UK, and also allows you to follow all the actions, with daily live text commentaries, breaking news and top stories from all the key events and medal moments. Each of the 36 Olympic sports, every athlete and country has their own page with medal tallies, news stories and key facts. Moreover, you could get minute-by-minute live text commentary during the live action, comprehensive schedule and results service which help you stay in touch with all the Games and results as they happen. In addition, it also has the function of sharing stories, videos and results on your social networks.

However, nothing is perfect! Its IOS app only can run on iPhone, not iPad. Even though its android version is for handsets with OS 2.2 or above, the users need to install flash to be able to watch videos! What a disappointed! If the BBC Sport app wants to become a serious competitor to others then there should be a need for an iPad and non-flash video functionality.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Best App for Challenging Your Olympic Trivia

London Olympics
I believe everyone worldwide is very excited that The 2012 London Olympics is just around the corner. Are you sure you are ready? Do you know the Motto of the 2012 London, and its unique features? How about the famous competition and top players in swimming? Yes! We still need to review some common sense or amazing facts about Olympics, otherwise someone besides you will poke fun at you while watching games! Here is one wonderful Apple app I suggested to make it up for Olympics.

London 2012 Game
You can imagine that how glad and proud of yourself you are because you know more trivia than your friends. The app “London 2012 Game” collects thousands of events and files covering all the summer Olympic Games for us. In other words, you can challenge thousands of Olympic-focused questions! If you are tired to play this app alone, you could save your best records and share on Facebook to invite your friends compete with you. At the beginning, you will find you know little about Summer Olympics, but one week later, you will become an Olympics encyclopedia.

score and share
By the way, if you realize some events and players are interesting and useful for you and your friends and neighbors. How about searching more details such as photos and videos on line, and making PowerPoint presentations according to different themes. That is also a good idea sharing online especially when you convert your PPT to video.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Watch Olympics Live? Just Install two Free Apps for your iPhone and iPad, Android!

As the 2012 Summer Olympics in London is coming soon, maybe you still worry and wonder that how to squeeze time for newest results about  your favourable athletes or watching them competing live, regardless of your boss and your better half. Now NBC help you solve it. NBC launched two free Olympics apps on Thursday that will help users watch every moment in the Games live from their mobile devices. They are NBC Olympics Live Companion and NBC Olympics Live Extra, both free and available now for the iPhone, the iPad, and Android phones/tablets.

NBC Olympics Live
NBC Olympic Live Extra 

With this live app, users of Apple and Android can keep up on every event and view every moment of the Olympic games live for free, wherever you are. You also can replay full event. Its Push Notification will remind you of the upcoming games. Before the games it can relive the Olympics Beijing and provide online listings schedule for you.

 NBC Olympic Companion

NBC OlimpicsA companion app, called simply as “NBC Olympic”, offers you a second screen experience during the on-live broadcasting. Not only can You get real-time results, schedules and medal counts, but also check out additional news and bios of your favourite team and athletes, and join other fans on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

Can’t wait for London? These two apps is available to free download in App Store and Google Play Store. You will need to have cable, satellite or telco TV subscription for live event coverage. What disappointed is that these apps will leave owners of Windows or Blackberry devices, even Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets in the cold.
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