Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Will Blackberry 10 Be Worthy of Our Expectations and Become Our New Choice?

BlackBerry 10 conference

Resembling Nokia, RIM has been hurt by the intense competition from Apple and Android devices, and is struggling to bring back lost market share with the help of newest and long-awaited mobile OS Blackberry 10. That will be a big bet but RIM has made lots of preparations for this resurgence! RIM has delivered a message to the world in all means that it has been ready for launching the new BlackBerry 10 on January 30 and its goal is to create a solid platform that would last a decade!

BlackBerry 10

RIM has told us that its new mobile OS will comes in early of 2013 and recently it announced that the BlackBerry World conference is scheduled on January 30. Will the new OS bring us new experience different from iOS and Android? The features of user interface will include a platform-wide flow interface, a new intelligent keyboard, as well as a camera app which allows the user to adjust a portrait by moving through time scale to optimize picture quality. Similar to iOS and Android, users of BB 10 can find the app list on the screen by swiping from right to left. What’s more, any application, even third party ones, will be able to appear as an 'Active Frame' on the BB10 homescreen, which helps users away from the limited widget on Android.

BlackBerry 10 homescreen

In addition, the element of secure is always one focus of attentions for fans of BlackBerry. In BlackBerry 10, users can switch between two modes, Personal and Work Modes. In personal, users can do anything same as other OS, such install apps, play games, send email. But the Personal mode is working in an encrypted partition. The Work Mode, completely separated from Personal Mode, is also encrypted and even can be locked down. In Work Mode, users can't find any personal apps and copy files between the two modes. That means everything in Work mode is fully secured.

BlackBerry World

One important feature of any OS that attract customers is its content store! BlackBerry has also made its effort to enrich its BlackBerry World content store. Ahead of the launch of its new BlackBerry 10 smartphone, RIM announced its music and video partners, including Walt Disney Studios and Sony Pictures to Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. According to RIM’ news, users will easily access to an extensive catalog of songs, movies and television shows. It is more exciting that most movies will be available on BlackBerry storefront the same day they are released on DVD, with next-day availability for many TV series. Another advantage of BlackBerry 10 is that users can see lower prices of mobile apps as RIM decreases the price tiers used by developers. To make sure that app prices stay consistent and competitive across the globe, the new pricing tiers incorporate currency exchange rates and value-added tax requirements.

BlackBerry Z10

The first smartphone running BlackBerry 10 has rumored name BlackBerry Z10. According to latest news from The Verge, the BlackBerry Z10, as the Vodafone UK's first "4G Ready" device, may be available for the U.K. market on that same day RIM launches BlackBerry 10. Vodafone will only sell a black version of the Z10 first, and will begin offering the white version mid-February. It will be powered by a dual core 1.5GHz CPU and features with a 4.2-inch display with 1280×768 resolution at 356 PPI and An 8 MP AF rear facing camera and a 2 megapixel front facing camera. 2GB RAM and a removable microSD card (up to 32 GB) will be available. Besides, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi provide users more Connectivity options.

BlackBerry Z10

We believe that lots of people can't wait to see the coming of BlackBerry 10 on Wednesday. It is the last chance for RIM to regain market share, and BlackBerry 10 may become a healthy alternative to the iPhone/Android Phone.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flash on WP8 - How to Play Flash on Nokia Lumia 920

Since HTML5 is now universally supported on newly major mobile devices and Adobe decided to stop developing Mobile Flash a year ago, Lumia 920 as the newest Flagship of Nokia doesn't have Adobe Flash support in it! Adobe Flash alternatives are also not found in Windows Phone Store. Some users may worry that they couldn't watch Flash live stream like YouTube and BBC with Nokia Lumia 920. But the fact is that Lumia 920 supports HTML5 and lots of sites such as YouTube have started to offer videos in HTML5, so users still can watch live flash video on YouTube and BBC Sport on Lumia 920 without Adobe Flash Player now.

HTML5 will take over Flash all around and it is just a matter of time! In other words, now users may not play Flash games or watch Flash on some websites which rely only on Flash. So it requires another method to help users of Lumia 920 to play Flash. Here we suggest one way to deal with it, converting Flash to MP4 video! And it is highly suggested to those users who like to download online Flash video or Flash games for playing on Lumia 920 frequently and offline! In addition, it easily helps users to record Flash as video and share online with friends!

Before conversion, we need a Flash converter. So the following are simple steps to convert Flash to MP4 video with Moyea SWF to MP4 converter, which also supports downloading and converting YouTube videos to MP4 videos !

Step 1: Download Moyea SWF to MP4 converter and run it, then import Flash files from local or online. Click "Browser…" on the left, import local Flash file with "From Folder" option or import online YouTube video with "From URL" option in the drop-down menu.

Import Flash files for conversion

Step 2: Select one output video format like MP4 for Lumia 920. Choose "Export" tab, check "Video" box and then click "Style" to select MP4 format for Lumia 920 in the drop-down menu.

Choose MP4 for converting Flash to video on Lumia 920

Tips: Customize more advanced parameters for playing the output video on Lumia 920. Click "Settings" button to enter into Profile panel where more parameters can be changed for Lumia 920. Choose or edit video size as "1280x768" and video codec as "H.264".

customize MP4 parameters for playing Flash on Lumia 920

Step 3: Start the conversion. Click "Convert" tab to enter into conversion panel, click "Play and Capture" to start playing Flash and "Finish" for stopping capture and starting conversion. After conversion, users can play Flash videos smoothly on Nokia Lumia 920 or other Windows Phone devices.

start conversion

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Top Free PDF Readers Android Users Should Own

PDF files are important for some people and they are easily viewed, managed and shared nowadays! But to keep up with the development of mobile technology, more mobile devices users desire to manage their PDF files with more functions on the go. As a result, lots of Android PDF readers support users to view, mark, take notes and even sign on PDF files. So here we pick up some great PDF readers with different features and unique advantages for Android users. In addition, users can view PDF with some Android Office apps by downing their free PDF plugin.

Adobe Reader (Free)

Adobe PDF Reader

No doubt, Adobe Reader is always the first choice to view all kinds of PDF files no matter on PC, devices of iOS and Android. It is absolutely fantastic! Same as its PC version, users can easily access, manage and share PDF types, including PDF Portfolios, password-protected documents, fillable forms, and Adobe LiveCycle® rights-managed PDF. Now, users can share files across all of your desktop and mobile devices with Acrobat.com and automatically save changes back to the cloud. In addition, one of its new features allows users to electronically sign documents!

qPDF Viewer (Free)

qPDF Viewer

It is another free great PDF reader! Similar to Adobe Reader, it supports basic PDF viewing functions like viewing, marking and signature! But it brings high fidelity rendering of PDF documents and adds new viewing mode “Text reflow” for PDF. And it can works with Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and corporate email apps

Radaee PDF Reader(Free)

Radaee PDF Reader

One advantage of Radaee PDF Reader is its speed! It has fast rendering speed without preloading cache. Of course, it supports zooming, searching, highlight and outline viewing.

ezPDF Reader ($0.99)

ezPDF reader

It is a powerful reader specializing on multimedia PDF files. Not only it can allow users view and manage PDF files as other readers, but also it supports playing multimedia files embedded into PDF and its voice reading feature can read loudly the documents to you with automatic page-turning function. What's more, documents can be customized to view as on PC with flipping DUAL PAGE viewing and users can access to Google Drive. Dropbox with the free "ezPDF Reader G-Drive Plugin" App.

Moon+ Reader ($4.99)

Moon+ Reader

It is a full-function book reader that supports epub, PDF, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip or OPDS formats. As for viewing and managing PDF, it allows highlight, annotation and even handwriting. There are also Night mode and Dual-page mode support, and even 6 additional PDF themes available for users. What should be mentioned is that users can listen to PDF Voice reading by just shaking the phone. Now it has been localized in 40 languages.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Top Free Android Apps You Should Own to Change Your Voice

Do you want to give a big surprise to your family members and friends with a strange and cute voice? At some parties, you may have considered making horrible voice to play tricks on your friends and try to fool them. Now the Android Changing-voice apps will help you realize those ideas! The following apps are all free and help you record your voice easily and make lots of effects for your voice!

Simple Voice Changer
simple voice changer

This app is simple to use for anyone! It not only allows to record voices of yourself and your friends with your Android devices, but also helps you change the voice with funny effects, such as Evil, Alien, Chipmunk, Robot, Slow, Helium, Deep, Reverse, Talk into Fan, Robot Mouse and Echo effect. In addition, you can share the effects with friends via e-mail/instant messenger, and even save and store them as a favorite for later playback or a ringtone!

Ultra Voice Changer
ultra voice changer

The Ultra Voice Changer records and changes your voice with more different details and effects. When recording, the audio rates for recording includes: 44100 stereo, 22050 stereo, 11025 stereo, 44100 mono, 22050 mono, 11025 mono, 48000 stereo, 48000 mono, 8000 mono. So you can select one recording mode to work best for your devices and make normal voice effects! Of course, email and save the voice effects are also available for users!

Best Voice Changer
best voice changer

This app is a little different from above apps. All basic functions of changing-voice apps are supported, for example, record and change your voice to popular effects like cat, robot, echo and even women and men’s voice. What’s more, you can add background sounds like airport and crowd, which will make your voice sound as if you were on a plane.

Change my Voice
change your voice

It is one of good and simple voice apps that record and change your voice. Voice effects like chorus, echo, chipmunk, cat, robot, child, megaphone, several women’s and men’s voices are all access to users. By the way, you even can change your speech speed.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Tips for Playing Flash on iOS 6 - Top Browsers Supporting Flash for iOS 6 Devices

Lots of iPhone and iPad users update iOS 6 for their iOS devices. But when users sometimes want to watch live football games or Flash videos through some websites, they will be rejected and needs to install Adobe Flash Player. As a result, many of them want to know some methods to play Flash on their iPhone 5 and iPad mini without jailbreak!

In this blog, we will suggest some top browsers supporting online Flash content for iOS 6 users and it means that users don't need to install third party Flash Players and download Adobe Flash Player by jailbreak. The following Flash-supported browsers own different advantages and are all available for free and paid versions!

Note: If you want to watch Flash animations offline or share SWF online, just learn more about converting SWF to HD video here!

Top Browsers Supporting Flash for iOS 6 Devices -Puffin

Puffin is not only one of fastest mobile browsers but also supports Adobe Flash on iOS 6 devices. It runs based on a massive cloud computing data center. And its remote-browser technology is so amazing that not only does it accelerate page rendering speed but also reduces network data usage. So with Puffin Browser, users will enjoy fast and full web browsing experience like on desktop. Its free version provides two weeks free trial of Adobe Flash support.

Top Browsers Supporting Flash for iOS 6 Devices - iSwifter

If users like to play online Flash games on the website, iSwifter is a perfect choice. It is a powerful games browser and it can bring any game to users on iOS 6 devices such as Social casual, social mid-core, MMOs or simply any game on the web. In addition, powered by the Agawi cloud gaming platform, users can easily get access to lots of games in the Browser, saving troubles to search games!

Top Browsers Supporting Flash for iOS 6 Devices - Skyfire

It also is a great browser and mostly focuses on Flash videos. As the developer says, it is an enhanced version of the native Safari browser and it help users to watch living streaming videos more easily that Safari doesn't support, such as Live news, sports and entertainment streams. And it allow users to personalize and customize with one-click access to the web's most popular social networks, content feeds and utilities, which means that users can access their Facebook and Twitter feed and share directly with friends from an iPad browser.

Top Browsers Supporting Flash for iOS 6 Devices - Photon

Photon Browser is a powerful new browser with Flash capability designed to enhance your browsing experience on iOS 6 devices. It will help users to get the latest Flash Player and watch Flash videos and play Flash games. Users need to click on the "Lightning Bolt" button to enter streaming mode to view Flash sites. Moreover, depending on network, users can set the bandwidth to enjoy the best Flash experience on their iOS 6 devices!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Android Tips: How to Back up Your Android Devices Data Freely and Safely

How important is the data in your Android devices for your daily life or working? You may not have the habit of backing up data. However, your important data like photos, videos, apps and contacts could be lost since others and you might delete them accidently or your Android devices were lost unfortunately. In addition, it is better and safer to back up data before updating OS! So it is worthy and necessary to know some methods to make a backup of your data in Android devices. Here we simply share with you some free and safe ways to back up data locally and online, even with back-up apps.  

back up your data on android phone

Back up locally and traditionally

The most simple and traditional method of Backing up data should be to save your photos, music and other SD card data into your computer or other mobile hard disks. Just connect your Android device to your computer and access your device’s memory and SD card, then copy all data over to a folder on your computer!

Back up online with Google account

If you save your data online with Google account, you can access to contacts, system settings, apps, calendar and email data whenever and wherever, even with a new Android Phone! Go to Settings > Privacy, and check the boxes for "Back up my settings" and "Automatic restore", then the last thing is to specify your Google account where you desire to back up data. Simply go to Settings > Accounts and sync, open your Google account, and check all available options. With these settings in place, your contacts, system settings, apps, calendar, and e-mail will be restored on the Google account!

By the way, as for photos and videos, you can upload automatically with Google’s Instant Upload service. The data uploaded is invisible by others and you can easily share online! What you should do is to sign in, go to Menu > Settings to enable Instant Upload service!

Backing up with apps

Backup of photos. With the help of some free picture apps such as Flickr Companion and Picasa Tool, you are allowed to upload and save photos from your Android devices to your account on their websites!

Backup of text messages. SMS Backup+ is a popular and free app helps you automatically back up SMS, MMS and call log entries using a separate label in Gmail / Google Calendar.

Backup of all kinds of data. If you want to make such backup for all data like your Apps, Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, Call log, Browser Bookmarks, SMS (text messages), MMS (message attachments), Calendar, System Settings, Dictionary, Music Playlists and more, it is recommended to use professional backup tools. MyBackup is such kind of app with free and $4 paid version. With this app, you can select certain apps or all apps to back up and make a backup on the schedule. All data could be easily saved as a ZIP file on your SD card or on their online server.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Google Play Tips: Tips before Buying An App and Requesting Refund!

For Android users, searching for apps in Google Play may be a common thing they do in daily life! Sometime you can’t decide whether buying a new app or not, and unluckily the newly installed apps couldn’t satisfy them and bring troubles to your Android devices! To save unnecessary money, you need to know what to do before purchasing an app and even how to returning the app and request refund from Google Play or Developers!

Google Play

What you should do before buying an app from Google Play?

Focusing on features between free and paid versions

This is a most important part before buy an app, but you should pay much attention on those key features of the app, especially different features between free and paid version. you may think an app is relatively cheap and is worthy to buy. However, for some free apps, you'll find that the only difference is that they are ad-supported. Upgrading to full version will remove the ads and nothing else. In addition, some apps with full version will provide some key and extra features, but actually the free version has met user’s need!

Similar apps from different developers

If you are a loyal fan of some developers, it is not necessary to comparing similar apps from different developers since you believe in those developers and are familiar with their user interface! But, if money and factions are the only things you care about, you should compare those apps from different developers, and you will find cheaper and useful app!

Check comments from review, feedback and social media options

If you are still not sure whether to buy an app, why not search and get more comments from other old users. You can just read the users review or feedback on Google play. In addition, if it is still a little expensive for you, you also can ask options from social media users by means of just input the app’s name into Facebook or Twitter.

Sales promotion!

You may be so lucky to find the sales promotion of this app in Google Play. However, we all know that Amazon has its own Android app market, and you will find more promotions from the same developers. By the way, some sites such as FreeAppADay and AppShopper also run free giveaway for some apps every day!

Returning apps and get your money back

A full refund within 15 minutes from the time of download

Some Android users may not know that Google Play allows users uninstall and get a full refund within 15 minutes from the time of download. During the 15 minute return period, users can find a 15 minutes refund window in the Google Play Store app from devices. The other method is to log onto your account from web browser, select My Order & Settings in the bottom of the page and choose Report a problem by closing to the app you want to return.

Refund from developers after the 15 minutes ends

When you scroll down the page of the app in Google Play, you will find the detailed information about the developer, like email address, phone number and social networking account. Just contact the developer and ask refund. What’s should mentioned is that not all refund reasons work and they still have the right of final explanation whether approving your refund or not. So before contacting them, you should make sure you got an eligible enough issue for the refund, like freezing your device after installing!

The above tips are some practical but personal options, and some users may have known those tips early. Good luck for you and may you save more money! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to Copy Music from iPod to PC for Free

We like to listen to music with iPod, and we are also used to saving our music on our PC since we sometimes want to listen to those music on PC. However, Apple doesn't allow contents from its devices accessible on computer. As a result, a free and safe solution spreads on internet!

Now we will tell you how to copy music from iPod to computer steps by steps! If you think it is a little complicate for you and you don't want to change some settings or options mentioned below every time just for copying some music, it is considerable to use third-party software to deal with it! For example, Leawo iTransfer is such a good transferring tool which will help you easily and fast transfer music, video, photos and apps between iPad/iPhone/iPods and iTune/ PC just by means of drag-drop files you desire to transfer.

How to Copy Music from iPod(iPod Nano, Shuffle and Classic) to PC

Step 1: Connect your iPod and run iTunes. To put your iPod into disk use mode, you need to make sure that the "disk use" has been enabled in iTunes. In the iPod management of iTunes, go to "Options" and check "Enable disk use". iTunes will give you a warning--select OK.

Step 2: Open My Computer and open your iPod drive. Open Tools at the top of window and then select Folder Options. Click the View tab and check "Show hidden files and folders".

Step 3: Now in your iPod folder, open iPod_Controls and then Music folder. Highlight all of the folders and drag them into the desired folder on your hard drive of PC.

Step 4: Highlight all of the folders again, right-click, and select Properties. Uncheck "Hidden". Close this window.

Now the music has been successfully transferred from iPod into PC. After you import the music into iTunes (or any other media player), you can listen to favorite music on PC.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Top Free Calling iOS Apps to Help You Call for Free with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Have you ever suffered troubles from phone bills and international calling? And sometimes you must have wanted to make a call with iPod touch and iPad in hand! Updating modern technology help you solve these troubles! Nowadays there are lots of mobile apps supporting voice and video calling online. Here we pick up some best free calling apps for iOS devices!

1. Skype


This classic calling app has been available on smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs and even TVs and worked on WiFi and 3G. So users can make real free voice and even video calls on Skype with their friends and family wherever and whenever. What’s more, users can also send low-cost SMS messages or call friends on their mobiles or landlines and the fee is lower than carrier!

2. Bobsled Calling

Bobsled Calling

Worked over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G, Bobsled Calling allows users to make free calls to any landlines and mobile phones in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Facebook friends, just by Logging in with either email or Facebook account!

3. Viber


It is free with no advertising! Users can free call, text and send photos around the world! And sharing locations and make group conversations with up to 40 friends are updated to the latest version now!

4. Fring


It works on WiFi, 3G, but also 4G, LTE. Free voice and video calling, free text are supported, too. What should be mentioned is that its group video chatting is faster and simpler that others, and makes sure to bring stable and high quality video chatting!

5. iCall


it was the New York Times App of the Week! It teaches Skype a lesson! Not only can it make free call and text to iCall users and real phones, but also it allows to send instant message, share photos, and chat with friends on Facebook chat, AIM, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, and XMPP!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best iPhone and iPad Apps to Keep Our 2013 New Year's Resolutions

We have spent a happy holiday with family and friends and walked through 2012! What do we want to do in the next 12 months, weight loss, developing positive habits, managing finances or planning a dream vacation? It is time for us to take actions for our New Year's resolutions! However, it is difficult to keep all our resolutions! Here we pick up some of best iPhone and iPad apps to stick to our New Year's resolutions!

Calendar with inspiration words: I Can Do It 2013 Calendar
I Can Do It 2013 Calendar
It is not so easy to keep a positive attitude every day for the new life in 2013! Sometimes we need some inspirations and positive affirmation! Now we get such help from this app I Can Do It 2013 Calendar! Each day it will brings inspirational messages, affirmations and new words of wisdom to keep us on the right track all year long. Moreover, we can save it as your phone wallpaper and send Louise's powerful affirmations to friends via e-mail!

Organizing our life: LifeTopix
We sometimes hate our terrible and busy life out of our control in last year, so in 2013 we need to start new life and control us! LifeTopix manage 12 main things for us, such as calendars, to-do lists, agendas, private information, projects, travel plans, and wedding details. We can use our online tasks and files with this app from Evernote, Dropbox, online drives/docs, or Toodledo. Of course, sharing online is available for us!

Weight loss: Lose It

What should we eat and do if our new year's resolution is losing our weight? The answer should include keeping and tracking our dieting and exercise every day! The app Lose It may help us finishing such things! It is a dietary and exercise tracker app that takes information in our daily life (calories consumed and burned through various activities, and even nutrients such as protein, fat) and translates it to digestible numbers. We also can back up our data and share online with friends to keep us in control!

Managing finances and saving money: Pageonce-Money & Bills

Pageonce-Money & Bills
An important factor of our life is that money comes and goes out of our plan like sand falling! In the New Year 2013 we should take full advantage of every dollar and save much more money for our future shopping and dream trip! Page once is such an app we should own to save money! It will remind us bills, track money we spent, even check and manage bank account balances, credit cards & investments.

Planning a dream trip and exploring the world: National Geographic Traveler Magazine
National Geographic Traveler Magazine
Our planet is so beautiful and charming that we like take vacation or explore new places every year! Our 2013 trip has started to plan with the travel app National Geographic Traveler. It is the Travel Magazine of the Year at the Digital Magazine Awards 2012. We can find maps, photo galleries, and even 360-degree photos of places in the world. What's more is that professional travel tips and live feeds from the Intelligent Travel blog and NatGeo Twitter Feed from various locations are all easily got for our new year vacation!

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