Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to Copy Music from iPod to PC for Free

We like to listen to music with iPod, and we are also used to saving our music on our PC since we sometimes want to listen to those music on PC. However, Apple doesn't allow contents from its devices accessible on computer. As a result, a free and safe solution spreads on internet!

Now we will tell you how to copy music from iPod to computer steps by steps! If you think it is a little complicate for you and you don't want to change some settings or options mentioned below every time just for copying some music, it is considerable to use third-party software to deal with it! For example, Leawo iTransfer is such a good transferring tool which will help you easily and fast transfer music, video, photos and apps between iPad/iPhone/iPods and iTune/ PC just by means of drag-drop files you desire to transfer.

How to Copy Music from iPod(iPod Nano, Shuffle and Classic) to PC

Step 1: Connect your iPod and run iTunes. To put your iPod into disk use mode, you need to make sure that the "disk use" has been enabled in iTunes. In the iPod management of iTunes, go to "Options" and check "Enable disk use". iTunes will give you a warning--select OK.

Step 2: Open My Computer and open your iPod drive. Open Tools at the top of window and then select Folder Options. Click the View tab and check "Show hidden files and folders".

Step 3: Now in your iPod folder, open iPod_Controls and then Music folder. Highlight all of the folders and drag them into the desired folder on your hard drive of PC.

Step 4: Highlight all of the folders again, right-click, and select Properties. Uncheck "Hidden". Close this window.

Now the music has been successfully transferred from iPod into PC. After you import the music into iTunes (or any other media player), you can listen to favorite music on PC.

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