Friday, January 11, 2013

Google Play Tips: Tips before Buying An App and Requesting Refund!

For Android users, searching for apps in Google Play may be a common thing they do in daily life! Sometime you can’t decide whether buying a new app or not, and unluckily the newly installed apps couldn’t satisfy them and bring troubles to your Android devices! To save unnecessary money, you need to know what to do before purchasing an app and even how to returning the app and request refund from Google Play or Developers!

Google Play

What you should do before buying an app from Google Play?

Focusing on features between free and paid versions

This is a most important part before buy an app, but you should pay much attention on those key features of the app, especially different features between free and paid version. you may think an app is relatively cheap and is worthy to buy. However, for some free apps, you'll find that the only difference is that they are ad-supported. Upgrading to full version will remove the ads and nothing else. In addition, some apps with full version will provide some key and extra features, but actually the free version has met user’s need!

Similar apps from different developers

If you are a loyal fan of some developers, it is not necessary to comparing similar apps from different developers since you believe in those developers and are familiar with their user interface! But, if money and factions are the only things you care about, you should compare those apps from different developers, and you will find cheaper and useful app!

Check comments from review, feedback and social media options

If you are still not sure whether to buy an app, why not search and get more comments from other old users. You can just read the users review or feedback on Google play. In addition, if it is still a little expensive for you, you also can ask options from social media users by means of just input the app’s name into Facebook or Twitter.

Sales promotion!

You may be so lucky to find the sales promotion of this app in Google Play. However, we all know that Amazon has its own Android app market, and you will find more promotions from the same developers. By the way, some sites such as FreeAppADay and AppShopper also run free giveaway for some apps every day!

Returning apps and get your money back

A full refund within 15 minutes from the time of download

Some Android users may not know that Google Play allows users uninstall and get a full refund within 15 minutes from the time of download. During the 15 minute return period, users can find a 15 minutes refund window in the Google Play Store app from devices. The other method is to log onto your account from web browser, select My Order & Settings in the bottom of the page and choose Report a problem by closing to the app you want to return.

Refund from developers after the 15 minutes ends

When you scroll down the page of the app in Google Play, you will find the detailed information about the developer, like email address, phone number and social networking account. Just contact the developer and ask refund. What’s should mentioned is that not all refund reasons work and they still have the right of final explanation whether approving your refund or not. So before contacting them, you should make sure you got an eligible enough issue for the refund, like freezing your device after installing!

The above tips are some practical but personal options, and some users may have known those tips early. Good luck for you and may you save more money! 

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