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iPhone 5 Tips - How to Transfer Videos and Music from iPhone 5 to Computer

As the latest Apple phone, iPhone 5 features with more updates to improve users experience, such as longer and thinner display, faster wireless, powerful A6 chip and latest iOS 6. However, there is a problem facing iPhone 5 users and so do users of other iOS devices like iPad mini, that is to transfer files between iPhone 5 and PC. You may be allowed to transfer photos, music and movies from PC to iPhone 5 with iTunes. But when you want to transfer those files from your iPhone 5 to computer, then trouble comes, since that you are only allowed to transfer those items purchased from the iTunes Store or photos captured with iPhone 5 camera. In other words, you can’t transfer items downloaded from other resources!

Sometimes you want to transfer some data to computer for backing up or watch or edit videos on computer! So here we will tell you how to transfer videos and music from iPhone 5 to computer, no matter whether them are purchased from iTunes or not!

Method One: Transferring with iTunes and iCloud

This method is for transferring those purchased videos and music from iTunes.

With iTunes

1.   To make sure to authorize your computer before connecting iPhone 5, follow the steps ("Store"menu, choose Authorize Computer and enter Apple ID and password).

2.      Connect your iPhone 5 to the computer.

3.       Click the Transfer Purchases button.
You can right-click (Windows or Mac) your device in the iTunes Source list, then choose Transfer Purchases from the shortcut menu that appears.

transfer with iTunes

If you connect your iOS devices for the first time, one dialog may appear automatically as follow , you just click the Transfer Purchases button.

Transfer purchase with iTunes

With iCloud

iCloud is a wonderful service for sharing or backing up your data, so you also can transfer videos and music with it. First of all, you should share your data onto iCloud. Then you need to download from iCloud again to computer. In addition, it requires lots of wireless data to finish the process. So if transferring with iCloud, you have better make sure the Wi-Fi is available for your iPhone 5.

Method Two: Transferring with iTransfer

iTransfer is one third-party application run on Windows PC to transfer data between iOS devices, iTunes and computer. With this professional transferring tool, you don’t need to worry whether your movie and music are purchased from iTunes or not! And it is developed for transferring data between your iPhone 5 and computer with a fast speed and easy steps!

1.       Download and run LeawoiTransfer, then connect your iPhone 5. Your phone will show up in the left list.

2.       Select those videos and music you want to transfer, in "Music" and "Movie" of the library of your iPhone 5.

3.       Directly drag-and-drop those data to your computer or right click and choose "My Computer" in the drop-down menu of "Transfer to", even you can directly click the "Transfer" button to transfer fast.

Leawo iTransfer

What should be mentioned is that the iTransfer takes iOS devices as flash disk, and can read all kinds of data in the devices. As a result, iTransfer can not only transfer videos and music but also all photos and apps from iOS devices to PC or from PC to iOS devices!

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NFL 2012 - Free Download NFL Football HD Wallpapers for iPad and Nexus 7

The NFL 2012 regular games have been more fierce especially after the Thanksgiving Day. Fans of NFL will continue to enjoy every exciting moments later on and appreciate the braveness, speed and solidarity from real men! To help NFL fans keep and get into the atmosphere whenever, here we brings some NFL HD wallpapers for free downloading to decorate their iPhone, iPad, Nexus 7 and Nexus 4.

1. Free Download NFL HD wallpapers

2. Free Download NFL HD wallpapers

Free Download NFL HD wallpapers 02

3. Free Download NFL HD wallpapers

Free Download NFL HD wallpapers 03

4. Free Download NFL HD wallpapers

Free Download NFL HD wallpapers 04

5. Free Download NFL HD wallpapers

Free Download NFL HD wallpapers 05

6. Free Download NFL HD wallpapers

Free Download NFL HD wallpapers 06

7. Free Download NFL HD wallpapers

Free Download NFL HD wallpapers 07

8. Free Download NFL HD wallpapers

Free Download NFL HD wallpapers 08

More  NFL HD wallpapers for iPhone 5 for free downloading

some free HD James Bond 007 Skyfall wallpapers

Friday, November 23, 2012

Best Free Android and iOS Apps for Cyber Monday Deals

The holiday season shopping has just begun! Have you got or snagged your favorite goods in the Black Friday deals? Don’t be sad! You may be a lucky dog in the Cyber Monday! No matter how much you have got in Black Friday, Cyber Monday will brings you more big deals and more surprise! However, we have to make some preparation for next Monday. Owning some great Cyber Monday apps in hand, wherever you go, is absolutely a necessary and most important thing you should do! Here we recommend the following free Android and iPhone apps for your Cyber Monday shopping. These apps are going to keep you easy and quick to find deals, hunt bargains and even purchase!

In a previous blog, we have suggested some free good shopping apps for iPhone and iPad user. If you have interest in knowing more shopping apps to help you in Cyber Monday, just click the above link!

TGI Cyber Monday (Android and iOS)

You must want to know all deals of retailer around the world in Cyber Monday! The TGI Cyber Monday is just what you are looking for! You can create your personal shopping list and save it. At the same time, you can check all deals from about 100 leading retailers in the world before the Cyber Monday and browse specific category or retailer. What’s more, it supports offline viewing and help you “shop now”! Of course, you are allowed to share great deals online like Facebook and Tweeter with your friends! We believe that TGI Cyber Monday will save much money from your shopping list in Cyber Monday!

 TGI Cyber Monday

BuyVia – Price Comparison for Computers, Tech  (Android and iOS)

If digital devices like computers, tablets and smartphone are what you need, this app will be your first great choice! BuyVia is an price-comparison app like Price Check by Amazon and the RedLaser, but it is a little different! BuyVia will recommend us all specific Tech deals Offers from leading companies such as Amazon.com, Walmart, Newegg, Target, Best Buy, AT&T, Dell, HP, and more. Just scan the barcodes and it will compare online to offer you the best and cheapest price. You can also set shopping alert for tablets, laptops, cameras and phones and you won’t miss any price drops!

BuyVia – Price Comparison for Computers, Tech

Apps from Retailers - Those Apps are what we should not miss during shopping because we can receive the latest deals in time! For example, Ebay, BestBuy and Amazon are so popular for everyone! And we also mentioned them before, so here we just skip them over!


You may have snagged what you need at local Walmart in Black Friday, but Walmart online in Cyber Monday is still worthy to waiting! With this Walmart app, you can get all big deals on Walmart and purchase immediately from the app as the Cyber Monday deals begin! 

Walmart app


This Target app will not only offer you latest deals and bargains you need, but also help you create your own Targetlist and scan the barcodes of your favorite products to check their latest price. Of course, shopping on this app is available for users!
target app


The Sears app possibly has helped you find the stores nearby and the promotion hour and information at the Black Friday. Then don’t leave it alone and it will give you more convenience and surprise in Cyber Monday!

sears app

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 2012: Free HD Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone

The Thanksgiving 2012 is arriving now! Let's share the holiday happiness with family and friends! We should be thankful for their unselfish love to us! It is worthy to travel far for the Thanksgiving dinner. And it is time for us to kiss and hug them!

To get into the Thanksgiving atmosphere, why not free downloading some HD Thanksgiving wallpapers for your iPad and iPhone!

1. Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone

Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone 1

2. Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone

Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone 2

3. Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone

Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone 3

4. Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone

Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone 4

5. Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone

Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone 5

6. Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone

Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone 6

7. Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone

Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone

8. Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone

Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone 8

9. Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone

Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPad and iPhone 9

Top Black Friday Deals 2012 You Can't Miss for New Smartphones and Tablets

The Black Friday 2012 is coming now, are you ready to go shopping? All stores no matter those online or retails, has announced their promotion plan for Black Friday 2012. That will be the best time to change your smartphone and tablets, and you can buy the latest phones and tablets as gifts for your family! Even though most of us know where to shop your favorite products, it is better to collect some great Black Friday deals 2012 as reference for saving time and money.

One-stop Websites for all Black Friday deals 2012

Here you will find all the black Friday 2012 ads and deals on the Internet, like deals from Wal-Mart and BestBuy. You can search for your favorite goods in "Ads", "Stores", "Deals", "Coupon", and "Wishlist". What's more, you can get email Black Friday deals Alert and cashback!

It is another great Black Friday website that all the latest Black Friday Ads, News and Hot Deals are collected and also sent to your email inbox. Not only can you find hot deals by different goods category, but also some useful shopping guides are always available for you!

Retail Stores

Wal-Mart is the retail giant that we can't miss at every shopping holiday! And this Black Friday local Wal-Mart starts three big in-store events: 8 P.M. Thursday, 10 P.M. Thursday, and 5 A.M. Friday. Keep these events in mind and go to the nearest Wal-Mart to get what you want at the lowest price! As for Wal-Mart online, it starts earlier at the Thanksgiving Day! You should notice that there are some special deals for Black Friday online only!

Walmart Black Friday deals

As the largest online market, Amazon also wants to offer us greatest deals and keep our shopping experience simple and stress free. Its Black Friday promotion will last a week, and has started today. The Galaxy S3 will reach new low price and more high-end smartphones are also offering big discounts! In addition, Sony and Dell laptops will get $100 to $250 off.


BestBuy's Black Friday deals mainly lasts from Nov 22 – Nov 24. When will the local door opens? It depends on different states! So if you want to shop in the crowded market to buy your smartphones and tablets, it is better to check you area in advance!


Even though Apple's new products don't surprise us so much, but iPhone 5 and iPad mini are still worthy to own. So if you want to purchase new Apple products, get ready to shop online or visit the Apple Retail Store on Friday, November 23. Different from other retail stores, it is a one-day Apple shopping event! Catch this chance and buy your favourite iOS devices!

Apple's Black Friday Event


Maybe you don't know much about this brand. It is a professional multimedia software provider with its focused effort on PowerPoint and SWF solutions. If you are troubled when playing PowerPoint and Flash movies on latest iOS and Android devices, Softwares from Moyea possibly help you. From Thanksgiving Dayto Cyber Monday, it offers those PowerPoint Converters and SWF Converters withup to 80% price off!

Moyea Black Friday deals 2012

Friday, November 16, 2012

Free Download James Bond 007 Movie Skyfall HD Wallpapers for iPad 3 and iPad mini

It is a long time to watch a new James Bond 007 movie again. Are you miss the handsome man Daniel Craig and charming Bond girls? The 23rd James bond spy movie, Skyfall, has swept the globe again. But this time Skyfall has made greater achievement than previous James Bond series and leave us an incredible impression with 3D. So you certainly want to keep memory about the Skyfall and share with your friends. Here is a collection of HD Skyfall wallpapers with a resolution of 1920-by-1080. 

If you want to decorate more Skyfall wallpapers for your iPhone 5, just click another blog for HD wallpapers for iPhone 5.

1.  HD Skyfall Wallpapers for iPad 3 and iPad mini

HD Skyfall Wallpapers for iPad 3 and iPad mini

2.  HD Skyfall Wallpapers for iPad 3 and iPad mini

HD Skyfall Wallpapers for iPad 3 and iPad mini

3. HD Skyfall Wallpapers for iPad 3 and iPad mini

HD Skyfall Wallpapers for iPad 3 and iPad mini

4. HD Skyfall Wallpapers for iPad 3 and iPad mini

HD Skyfall Wallpapers for iPad 3 and iPad mini

5. HD Skyfall Wallpapers for iPad 3 and iPad mini

HD Skyfall Wallpapers for iPad 3 and iPad mini

6. HD Skyfall Wallpapers for iPad 3 and iPad mini

HD Skyfall Wallpapers for iPad 3 and iPad mini

7. HD Skyfall Wallpapers for iPad 3 and iPad mini

HD Skyfall Wallpapers for iPad 3 and iPad mini

Top 5 Free Thanksgiving Recipes Apps for iPhone and iPad

The Thanksgiving Day 2012 is coming soon. It is a great time for family together and delicious Thanksgiving Dinner. However, it may also be the busiest time for home cooks and it is difficult to save time and make delicious food at the same time. So it is better to plan and prepare the Thanksgiving recipes and related food in advance. To help you prepare the Thanksgiving dinner easier and make creative food, we suggest the following thanksgiving apps as for your reference. These top recipes apps can allow you to plan, search and even shop for the delicious dinner easily before the Thanksgiving night. With these cooking apps, you can prepare the recipes and food on the way or during the time waiting in line.

1.    Thanksgiving Menu Maker from Fine Cooking
Whether it is your first time to cook for the Thanksgiving Day, it is a good idea to free download this cooking app to help you. You will get a customized holiday menu from more than 75 of our all-time favorite Thanksgiving recipes, involving those recipes about Starters, Main Dishes, Sides, and Dessert.Even there are lots of delicious ways to cook turkeys. What’s more, after your menu is created, you will get the shopping list for every ingredient you need the Thanksgiving recipes and you can shop with iPad as you go. In addition, its Schedule planner will remind you of what needs to be done during cooking!

hanksgiving Menu Maker from Fine Cooking - thanksgiving recipes app

2.    Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach
The Chow app is a simple-to-use recipe app to offer you the easiest and most delicious traditional Thanksgiving recipes. The recipes app not only helps you make great recipes easily and fast, but also creates a step-by-step timeline and guide to tell you what to do through the entire Thanksgiving day. By the way, a shopping list is available to help your shopping quickly in the supermarket.

Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach - thanksgiving app

3.    Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List
If you still can’t find the satisfied Thanksgiving recipes or need more choices. This Epicurious app will be a good alternative to get more creative ideas for a delicious dinner. The recipes are mostly from the award-winning food site Epicurious.com. So you can search more than 30,000 delicious, professionally created recipes from renowned chefs worldwide for your favourite Thanksgiving food. Now its new version has allowed you to sync your Favorites recipes list on Epicurious.com to get more reviews, or email to your friends!

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List - thanksgiving app

4.    BeTheChef! Creative Cooking Ideas!
If you are bored of those cooking times and instructions of thousands of recipes, this app may solve your problems. The app won’t tell you directly the recipes, but suggests you some amazing cooking ideas, such as combining some ingredients to make a delicious dish you never taste before! You will get inspired to know what to do with the ingredients and cook creative and healthily for your Thanksgiving dinner.

BeTheChef - thanksgiving app for iPad and iPhone

5.    Whole Foods Market Recipes

With this recipes app, you can get awesome Thanksgiving recipes, too. But it help you search and make your recipes differently and remove your worries about heath problems. You can search recipes by ingredients and dietary preferences such as gluten-free, low fat, and vegetarian/vegan. You not only find out the finest natural and organic foods, but also know nutritional information and cooking instructions of your Thanksgiving recipes. Of course, you are allowed to make your Shopping list with exact quantities automatically.

What should be mentioned is that its store locator can help you find out the stores near you, get links to their website for specials of natural and organic foods on sale!

Whole Foods Market Recipes - thanksgiving app for iPad and iPhone

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Friday, November 9, 2012

iPhone and iPad Tips: Top Free Must-have Utilities for iPhone 5 and iPad mini

Life of every iPhone and iPad user has been influenced by those iOS devices more or less! The App Store offer users much fun and convenience with its apps! In order to have fun with or take full use of iPhone and iPad, we should own some necessary or useful app or software for our iOS devices! However, it is difficult to find out these kinds of utilities especially those free ones online! Now we have rounded up some awesome and simple-to-use free utilities for iPhone and iPad from the Internet for your reference, wishing to help you save time and trouble!

Find My iPhone

All users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch should install it into their devices! As we all know, it is developed and suggested by Apple. All of us are likely to lose our iPhone or iPad. If it happened, we would want to know where they are and were certainly worried about the safety of our data. So this is what Find My iPhone are designed for. We can find out where our iPhone or iPad are on the map by installing this app in another iOS device. What’s more, we can remotely lock our lost devices or even delete our data.

Find my iPhone - utility of  iPhone and iPad

Any smartphone and tablet swallow a great amount of network data, and so do iPhone and iPad! Naturally, we should get something to help us to find out free Wi-Fi Internet hotspots. This Free Wi-Fi Finder can search out Over 145,000 Free locations using your iPhone’s GPS. We can search by “near me”, geographic regions and location type (Cafe, Library, etc.). Of course, it is free version; another paid version will offer us more amazing functions!

free Wi-Fi Finder

Different from Android devices, our iOS devices can’t show as a readable disk on computer. If we want to transfer files between iPhone, iPad and PC, we have to use iTunes. However, our disappointment to iTunes is that we are not allowed to transfer movies, music and photos from iPhone to computer, especially those music and photos downloaded from website or friends! So that is why we mention Leawo iTransfer here. The iTransfer is a great alternative to iTunes and can help us to make up the disadvantage of iTunes. It can transfer not only movies, music and photos but also PDF files, apps and eBooks between iOS devices and PC! 

In addition, great news is that the iTransfer is free as a giveaway on November 12, 2012 limited! Even though the developer often carries free giveaway activities for Leawo iTransfer, this time is different before and anyone can get great discount on other iPhone and iPad converters from now on to November 22.

Leawo iTransfer - free data transfering tool

If we save some important information that we don’t want others to have access to in our iPhone, iPad and Mac, This kind of app is what we should own! Keeper stores our passwords and private information with a simple but military-grade encryption way. We can back up online and Syncs to All Your Devices. With Keeper, we can access our private info anywhere and anytime and securely protect important data from Hackers and rogue programs! Of course, you may find more paid safety app on the market!

Keeper - free app for iPhone and iPad

Battery Doctor

The battery life is one of key features that we concern for mobile smart devices! Any new battery can only power our iPhone, iPad or other devices in 2 years at most. Apart from knowing some tips to saving battery life, it is great choice to install Battery Doctor for our iPhone and iPad. It can help us get real-time power consumption rankings, shut down those applications which consume phone power and battery life will be more lasting.

free app - battery life

The Weather Channel

In last blog we suggest the Living Earth among top traveling apps. Similar to Living Earth, the Weather Channel can offer us real-time weather information worldwide. Based on the support of 200+ meteorologists, along with its patented ultra-local TruPoint(sm) weather technology, it provides us with full screen, customizable weather maps and allows us to plan our day, week, or even the next hour with the great weather tool!

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