Friday, March 8, 2013

How to View PowerPoint on Android Devices with Five Methods

What do we usually do with Android smartphones/tablets in daily life? Take a call, text messages, send and check E-mail, and play games? How about dealing with working affairs on the go? Of course, we can also manage business with our Android devices since that all kinds of Android working-related apps have been developed on Google Play and some manufactories like Samsung have pushed off some unique android-based services to target business users!

We often use PowerPoint on the working, and If we can view PowerPoint presentation on Android smartphones and tablets, that will be more convenient and flexible for our life! However, Microsoft has no plan to develop Android version of Microsoft Office so far. So we have to figure out some alternatives to watch PowerPoint on Android! That is why this blog is written and we will share five methods to view PowerPoint on Android!

Method One: Android Office Apps

There are a number of Android office apps on the Android Market, so we can easily download some to play PowerPoint presentation on Android devices, such as Quickoffice, Documents to Go and ThinkFree Mobile. Those office apps all offer basic functions for viewing PowerPoint. But they are limited in functions when we want to play original animations and transitions, and edit PowerPoint freely with this kind of apps.

Method Two: Save PowerPoint as Images 
The PowerPoint presentation can easily be saved as images, so it could be one choice to view PowerPoint as images on Android devices!

Step 1: Click "File" button ("Office" in PowerPoint 2007)> "Save As"

Step 2: Choose ".jpg" or ".png"for maximum quality in the "Save As type" drop down menu, then click “Save”. When PowerPoint asks whether you want to export all slides, select “Every Slide”.

Method Three: Turn PowerPoint to PDF
Images are easy to view but difficult to edit! Meanwhile, we can view and take notes on PDF files! If we save PowerPoint to PDF file for Android devices, the presentation PDF is easily viewed with PDF viewers, sent by e-mail and transferred between devices!

Step 1: Click "File" button ("Office" in PowerPoint 2007)> "Save As"

Step 2: Choose ".pdf" in the drop down menu of "Save As type", then click "Save".

Method Four: Convert PowerPoint to Video
Obviously, those above methods couldn’t preserve all original animations, transitions and media files, and video can make up those flaws! After converting PowerPoint to video, the PowerPoint video can be played smoothly on Android devices with all effects of PowerPoint!
Save PowerPoint as video in PowerPoint 2010 or later
(This function is not supported on PowerPoint 2007 and 2003. In addition, WMV is the only video format when saving PowerPoint to video in PowerPoint 2010)

Step 1: Click "File" button > "Save As"

Step 2: Choose ".wmv" in the drop down menu of "Save As type", then click "Save".

Convert PowerPoint to video with Moyea PPT to Video Converter

Step 1: Import PowerPoint presentation! The Moyea PowerPoint Converter allows to convert unlimited number of presentations to video at the same time!

Step 2: Select an output video format for Android devices, and click "Convert" button to start conversion!

Note: There are many popular video built-in formats in the converter, like WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV and more. What's more is that it supports adding background music and watermark into the PowerPoint video!

Method Five: Upload PowerPoint online
If we don't want those PowerPoint files to occupy the limited memory of Android devices and hope that our friends and colleagues can also view the PowerPoint presentations on their Android devices, it could be a great alternative to upload and share PowerPoint online! There are some great sharing websites like that allow uploading PowerPoint files. With this way, we can easily view PowerPoint on Android devices with web Brower!

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