Monday, March 4, 2013

Best Easter 2013 iPhone and iPad Apps for Kids

Despite the passing cold winter, the spring is actually coming, and Easter 2013 is almost here! Whether some families celebrate Easter or not, we all hope that all kids will enjoy themselves in Easter 2013. To keep them entertained, it could be one of best Easter ideas to find some kid-friendly funny Easter apps for kids! Here we have rounded up some of best Easter iOS apps as the reference for parents!  

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Easter Sales 2013!!

It is designed especially for toddlers and preschoolers! Pat the Bunny provides 14 interactive scenes for kids to explore! Kids can play hide and seek games with Bunny, and transfer into paint mode for a colorable activity. What's funnier is that kids can "look in the mirror" with camera and watch their smiling face! In addition, it allows to record kids' voice when they are playing on each scenes!

Best Easter iPhone apps for kids

It is easy Easter app for kids! Kids can create a funny and colorful Easter egg with attractive graphics, easy gameplay, and unlimited number of design options. After finishing a customized Easter egg, kids can save it, send it by E-mail and share on Facebook! That will be a best and surprising gift if kids send it to their friends!

Best Easter iPhone apps for kids

All kids like animals! If kids can dress baby animal costumes like Bunny costumes in Easter 2013, they will certainly be very happy! This Easter app allows kids to insert their photos or take new pictures for dressing up as cuddly Bunny or dalmation puppy. And they will hear playful sounds and find interactive projects on each page! After enjoying the Easter fun, kids even can save favorite pages to photo library, share via email and even print any page with wireless printer!

Best Easter iPhone apps for kids

Easter Fun for Kids features 6 unique Easter-themed educational games and activities designed for entertaining and learning, so kids can enjoy education, Easter funny games at the same time! It includes amazing different topics such as logic, words, counting, art and more! Of course, some funny and happy music will be offered while playing!

Best Easter iPhone apps for kids

If kids think those above games are too easy for them, them can try this game about the hero story of Bunny! With this app, kids will play as a rabbit teacher, and use agility and combat abilities to fight against enemies in order to save all kidnapped students! 70 levels in normal and hard mode are provides for kids and they even could play the game on Apple TV in a 720p resolution.

Best Easter iPhone apps for kids

If you find funnier Easter apps, please kindly recommend and share them with us by writing down comments below.

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