Saturday, February 16, 2013

Top 5 Free Siri Alternatives for Android

As a personal voice assistant, Siri for Ios revolutionizes our behaviors! Users can use Siri to send messages, make recommendations, and perform actions when they are driving or busy on other things. Two years has passed since Siri was announced, and it is common to see people controlling their phones with voice. However, Siri has no version for Android platform. Are there any good Siri alternatives for Android devices? Now we will introduce best 5 free Siri alternatives for Android users as reference. They may be not as perfect as users wish, but one of them will meet basic needs as a voice assistant.

Skyvi can help users do most things like Siri. Users can text/call friends, find places and get directions, voice search, and even tweet or update Facebook with voice. Meanwhile, it will tell jokes and play music for users. With Skyvi, users will be surprised by its convenience and allow hands and eyes free.

Speaktoit Assistant
This Siri alternative could finish basic tasks for users, like answering questions, finding information, and connecting you with various web services. Of course, it is easy to get maps, search for news and images, convert currency and measurements, and send email. In addition, it is available to change the assistant's appearance from brunette girl, handsome agent to old professor.

Iris is a little different from other Siri alternatives. It not only helps text/call someone, search nearby and get news, not also can play music and video, make movie recommendations and answer questions on science, culture and history, and more. What's more, if works with the app Friday, users will get more amazing functions.

it is also one of useful personal assistants. Similar to other Siri alternatives, users can control their phones with voice to search for restaurants, ask general questions, get directions and even shop online. It is allowed to do more for user's daily life. Just speak to Maluuba to set reminders, create alarms and even connect to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

Robin can't do all things like Siri, but it is such a useful eyes-free assistant to do better on some tasks. Ask for local places, users can get directions but also info about parking & traffic. It is easy to know the nearby gas stations and prices. Basic tasks such as reminders & alarms, text messages & jokes are simple to control by voice.

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