Thursday, November 8, 2012

Top iPhone and iPad Traveling apps We Can't Miss

Traveling means a great holiday for those who love nature and life, but is ordinary for those businessmen! Whatever, travel involves traffic, weather, accommodation, daily diet and even scene sighting! Nowadays there are a lot of mobile apps available for our phones and tablets. Some of great apps actually help much people save time and trouble in those places far from home! Today let’s share some great and necessary iOS traveling apps for those iPhone 5 and iPad mini users out out of home!

This iOS app can help you track all flights worldwide in real-time and display them all in one unique interface. You can track detailed real-time flight info,no matter departure and arrival time, information about gate,airline,airport and aircraft. What’ more, its alert can help remember every flight you concern. In other words, with the help of this app, you won’t miss any your flight  and sometimes receive your friends at the airport in time! It has free and paid version for iPhone and iPad! Its paid version will certainly give you more wonderful services!

Living Earth- clock&Weather

It is a most beautiful and stunning clock and weather apps! it features HD live 3D simulation of our planet. You can get real-time global weather map, forecasts and world clock for cities around the world, and track hurricanes and tropical storms. It is optimized for the Retina display of iPhone and iPad 4. Last year, it was ever rated as a Top 10 iPhone and iPad app in 2011 by Apple New York Times. during our holiday or business travel, it would be better to install Living Earth into iPhone, iPad even iPod touch!

iPhone app - Living Earth
Wi-Fi Finder

when you travel, how to quickly and easily find Wi-Fi will be an important issues since International data rates can be crushing out of your country. Wi-Fi Finder can track over 200,000 both free and paid hotspots in 135 countries, and tell you exactly where the closest Wi-Fi hotspot is and how to get there!

Currency Converter

We need local money when traveling, so it is necessary to know the currency rate! This iPhone and iPad app converts exchange rates for over 180 currencies and 4 metals in a simple interface! And the rates are daily updated based on information supplied by leading market data contributors. But it is more important to know details where you can see buy and sell rates for both currencies. The app also can help you solve this problem!

currency converter

SpeechTrans French English Translator with Voice Recognition

It is impossible to know all main languages worldwide. But we can communicate with those people whose mother language is different from yours with the help of translator app! We all know the free Google translator but most of time it is full of grammar mistakes! This French English Translator can translate out what you need! It supports Text to Speech translations and record function for your voice! BTW, it is fast and accurate!

Translator - iPhone app

Google Earth

Wherever we go, it is better to own a navigation app or device in hand in case of losing way!Undoubted, Google Earth is the most amazing Nav app worldwide. Based on its up-to-date Map data , you can browse layers including roads, borders, places, photos and more in almost any place around the world! Its new service “tour guide” even helps you easily discover exciting new places to explore.

Google earth

Everyone on the way need accommodation! If you don’t camp and have no friends in a new place, finding a hotel will be a key thing when you are traveling. This iPhone and iPad app is developed by With this app, you can search and book 150,000+ hotels throughout 200 countries, and even get lots of last minute deals in the new feature ”Tonight’s Local Deals”. In addition, all bookings made on the app will count towards your WelcomeRewards account, and you will be rewarded for one free night after booking 10! - iPhone and iPad app


If you go to a new city even in your home city, you sometime feel trouble to find some restaurants especially those popular and special food! Now with Yelp, you can easily search out places to eat,drink, shop and rest! The new version of Yelp not only help find nearby bars, restaurants, cafes and more, but also allow you to find great Deals, browse a restaurant's menu along with photos and reviews, and even make reservations! It is a necessary partner for your iPhone and iPad when we travel out of home!


This is another great app searching for food! Just shake your iPhone and the Urbanspoon slot machine will suggest a restaurant and you can follow GPS to get there! Of course, like Yelp, you can find out great new places to eat. And make a RESERVATION.

Yelp - iPhone app

Of course, these are basic and necessary apps for users of iOS devices around the world. When you travel to some place, you still can find out more local and detailed apps for your iPhone and iPad!

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