Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Travel Around London with Your Phones Faster

Today is DAY 3 for London 2012, and hundreds of thousands of people have swarmed into London. As a local when you are on the commute, you will feel the transportation pressure. If you are travelers and today’s match schedule is not your favorite, you will prefer to go out into London for visiting some streets and famous places. So you absolutely need some navigation apps with your phones in order to ease the extra stress and travel faster. Here we will pick out some useful apps for you based on the possible and key travelling modes like walking, bus, cycling. 

Google Maps
No doubt it is the worldwide popular map app wherever you are. The latest release of Google maps offers you detailed maps with 3D buildings, and driving, public transit, biking, and walking directions. You also can get voice-guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation, live traffic information to avoid congestion, and in particular Google Maps Street View. Yes, it is the best map app for you. Of course, you could simply surf the Google maps website for navigation.
tube map

Tube Map
The most downloaded and used Tube map app on the App Store is the Official licensed Tube map from Transport for London, covering zones 1 through 6. It assists you plan your route to find the fastest journey or fewest changes, but also helps you find out the nearest station. You can get underground departure times and real-time service updates to keep track of delays on the lines. By the way, it can run feely on IOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Barclays Bikes
Barclays Bikes
If you prefer to cycle rather than take the bus or tube around London, this is the app you should keep. The app takes the total number of available bikes to 8,300 from 15,000 docking points across central and east London. You can locate bike docks near you as you need and quickly find the nearest docking point to drop your bike off. At the same time, it helps you plan your route with route information and turn by turn navigation, set an alarm on your rental timer so you know when to return your bike, and also allows bookmarking the docking stations you use regularly. Obviously it saves you troubles to find bikes without hunting around. 

London Bus Checker
London BUS
It is the Live Bus Countdowns for every stop in London on your iPhone and Android! In other cities, you may know which bus passes along your stop or destinations, but you are not sure when the bus will arrive. But the London Bus Checker can solve this and other troubles for you when you take a bus in London. You can instantly see when your bus is due and gain Real-time information - not from timetables of buses. Its Full route maps helps you see where your bus goes and the Stop Alerts will wakes you up when you get to your bus stop! Moreover, it automatically locates nearest stops on map and stores your favorites for you. Luckily, it is available on both iOS and Android.

With the help of these map apps, you are definitely glad to avoid the traffic problems and travel around London during the Olympics.

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