Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Best Mobile Wallet App, Cloud-based Google Wallet, Helps You Shop Faster and Safer!

Do you believe that Mobile phones will take over from plastic cards and cash as the principal method of payment. Time will tell you the answers soon. In the the London Olympics, a limited edition of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 – the official phone of the Games – has been loaded with Visa’s mobile payment application, Visa payWave, and given to athletes and selected trialists. These users are able to buy items by waving their handsets in front of any of the 140,000 readers already installed in taxis and shops across the UK – including the Olympic Park. And Google has made much improvement for Google Wallet.
Google Wallet logo

The Google Wallet recently is cloud based. Thanks to the cloud, its  Google Wallet Offers can save all deals on products and services at local and online merchants. It will automatically sync to your Google Wallet so it's always with you wherever you go. And the Google Wallet PIN, encrypted storage of card numbers of the payment cards stored online, can help users remotely disable a lost wallet. What they need to do is just go to the Devices Section on the Google Wallet website and select which device you want to disable. So you're safe and secure when shopping with this Wallet App.
Google Wallet remotely disables your phone

The other important improvement is that the Google Wallet has accept all major debit or credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. And these payment brands also announced they are moving card storage to highly secure Google Servers, which makes it easier for banks to add their cards to the Wallet app.
Google Wallet supports mojor bank cards

So when you shop online, just sign into your account and use your stored payment info to make a purchase. And if you pay in-store, all you have to do is quickly tap the back of your phone on the NFC terminal. No need to fill out long credit card forms or take out your wallet.

The new Google Wallet app is available for download on Google Play.

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