Sunday, August 5, 2012

Real-time Instagram Photos! New Amazing Website ”This Is Now” Shows Us the World on Our Phones!


As we know, Instagram users have been up to 80 million. The important reason for its popularity is that we can share our photos online and keep up with our friends’ pictures. But now we can take a closer and real-time look into the world around us on our phones.

A new website called This Is Now uses the Instagram API to display real-time streams of public images taken in five cities around the world, including London, New York, Sydney, Tokyo to Sao Paulo in Brazil. Only with our phones, you can watch the composed and filtered Instagram photos of detailed lives in New York and London.

By clicking the city we are interested in such as London, we will be instantly immersed in a beautiful real-time visualization of Instagram photos posted in London.

Clicking "What is this" will tell us how many photos of London have been seen and clicked in the minute.

If we click on any photo, we'll be sent to see the full version at, including who uploaded it and the comments people are making about it. After logining in, we can also follow the person right then and there.

It would be perfect if they had some kind of controlling for either timing or perspective.

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