Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WWE SummerSlam 2012: Best WWE Apps on Your Android Devices

Are you fans of WWE? You certainly want to watch WWE superstar fighting on the scene! But you were not there every time and you were on one-track mind, latest news from WWE. What could you do especially you are out of door with no TV or radio. In Aug.17 the official WWE app was released on Google Play store. All android users can keep up with all latest news on phones. The following Android apps will assist you to have better experience with WWE. 

This official WWE app brings you breaking news, WWE videos – current and classic – along with 1000s of photos. You can get instant access to your favorite WWE superstar on Superstar pages and save their profiles. And The WWE app is your handy tool to have your voice heard and participate in live WWE programming. In addition, you are allowed to build a virtual community of WWE fans in your area to keep the conversation going after the bell, even set reminders and order tickets!

WWE Trivia
WWE Trivia
Do you want to check which level you are in among all real WWE fans? Here comes the opportunity! Install this WWE Trivia for your android devices and you will be taken to challenge best questions about WWE, from the real name of WWE superstar Edge to how many times John Cena has held the WWE championship. You will get lots of fun with it.

WWE Raw Live
As the developer says, lay the Smackdown on your friends with everything you need to know about the WWE! With this app you could get different experience from other WWE apps. Favorite superstars entrance themes, many funny interviews, smack talks, most amazing moments in WWE history will be on your hand. You also can keep up on all the hottest news, rumors, and even results.

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