Thursday, August 23, 2012

Remote Controlling from Android Devices:Top 2 Free Home Automation Apps for Android

Can you imagine that in the future, we can control everything we use in daily life? Time will tell us the answer! Even though you are far away from home, most home appliances will listen to you whenever, from doors, home utilities to multimedia system and more. That day will be true mobile smart life. As the open-source Android system more and more popular, many smart apps with Android has been developed and changed our life. Today we introduce two of best home automation apps for your Android.

Panasonic smart app

Panasonic Smart App
Panasonic just announced a new Android app, called the Panasonic Smart App, which is designed to help with home automation. It makes the utmost of NFC technology and network connection. We can communicate with any smart appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioner. We can operate them and modify settings anywhere for our android devices. We will open air conditioner earlier we reach home, wash dishes after dinner on our phones. What a pity is that this app will be released only in Japan so far. We believe someday soon we also can get this perfect Android app.

Nexia home intelligence
Nexia Home Intelligence Mobile
Lacking of Panasonic smart app, we also have other home automation apps to choose, like Nexia Home Intelligence Mobile. This app can help us set the heating and cooling system, set temporary passwords of door for different guests and record video in real-time to take care of things and the people in our home from your Android phone. Moreover, we also can control Schlage Home Keypad Locks and other Z-Wave devices via phones wherever.

There are still many other home automation apps for android devices we haven’t mentioned. Some of them are free and some charges. There is no doubt that it is a long distance from the day mobile apps penetrates every aspect of our daily life, but it is a great future for developers and us and worthy to look forward to that day!

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