Thursday, July 19, 2012

Best App for Challenging Your Olympic Trivia

London Olympics
I believe everyone worldwide is very excited that The 2012 London Olympics is just around the corner. Are you sure you are ready? Do you know the Motto of the 2012 London, and its unique features? How about the famous competition and top players in swimming? Yes! We still need to review some common sense or amazing facts about Olympics, otherwise someone besides you will poke fun at you while watching games! Here is one wonderful Apple app I suggested to make it up for Olympics.

London 2012 Game
You can imagine that how glad and proud of yourself you are because you know more trivia than your friends. The app “London 2012 Game” collects thousands of events and files covering all the summer Olympic Games for us. In other words, you can challenge thousands of Olympic-focused questions! If you are tired to play this app alone, you could save your best records and share on Facebook to invite your friends compete with you. At the beginning, you will find you know little about Summer Olympics, but one week later, you will become an Olympics encyclopedia.

score and share
By the way, if you realize some events and players are interesting and useful for you and your friends and neighbors. How about searching more details such as photos and videos on line, and making PowerPoint presentations according to different themes. That is also a good idea sharing online especially when you convert your PPT to video.

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