Tuesday, September 25, 2012

iPhone 5 Tips: How to Watch DVD on iPhone 5

iPhone 5 has come to your hand and you can play it with its larger screen. Featured with a resolution of "1136x640" and brand-new chip A6, iPhone 5 has no doubt become your powerful multimedia tool. You can enjoy more HD movies and videos now, but how to play DVD on iPhone 5. We can’t ignore the fact that there is no DVD driver and DVD-Related apps compatible with iPhone 5. So it is better to convert DVD to video for iPhone 5 with a DVD Converter. Google DVD Converter and you will find many of them. Now the following guide will show you step-by-step converting DVD for iPhone 5.

Here we take sample of Leawo DVD Ripper because it is my personal preference and the Ripper is actually easy to use.

Step 1: Download and install DVD Ripper, which is designed to convert DVD for iPhone 5. Then open it and you will find four simple steps at the main interface.

Step 2: To import the DVD file by click "Load DVD" button at the upper-left corner or choose "Load DVD" option in the drop-down menu of "File".

DVD Ripper load DVD

Step 3: Specify the output file as a MP4 video or iPhone video in the drop-down menu of "Profile". It is better to convert DVD to MP4 video based on the fact that only MP4 video and MOV file is supported by iPhone 5 and MP4 video can also be played on other devices.

choose the video format for iPhone 5

Step 4: Further settings for the output video. Just click "Settings" icon to enter Settings panel where various video parameters are provided for customizing including Video Codec and Video Size. For example, you can set video size as "1136x640" to take advantage of its high screen resolution and video codec as "H.264" for iPhone 5.

settings for output video

Step 5: Start the conversion for iPhone 5. Now click Start button to begin the conversion from DVD to MP4 for iPhone 5. As the conversion ends, you can play DVD on your iPhone 5 easily.

start the conversion for iPhone 5

Other Tips: if you need and want to edit the DVD files and make it fit for you and your family. Following two tips can be for your reference. 
  1. To edit the output file. Click "Edit" icon on the top of interface to enter Video Edit panel where various editing features are provided. You can polish the output video with "Trim", "Crop", "Effect" and "Watermark" tabs.
  2. 3D Effects. Click "3D Settings" icon near the "Edit" icon to enter corresponding panel. Then you can choose one 3D effect and adjust 3D depth with corresponding bar.
With one DVD Converter on your hand, there is no need of DVD Player and DVD Driver at home and you can share DVD movies with friends outdoor.

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