Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Free Downloading Halloween Wallpapers for iPhone

Halloween holiday is coming again and the Halloween atmosphere is covering all corners. Most people are preparing to play all their cards to scare you and become the hottest star in the Halloween party. It is your time to start doing something! First of all, why not changing your desktop wallpaper or decorating your iPhone with great Halloween wallpapers?

Here are some Halloween themes of death,evil and mythical monsters for downloading.

1. Carved Apple

Carved Apple - iPhone Halloween wallpaper

2. Lonely Pumpkin

Lonely Pumpkin - Halloween wallpaper

3. Smiling Pumpkin

Smiling Pumpkin - Halloween wallpaper

5. Skull Duggery

skull duggery - Halloween wallpaper

 4. Pose Horror

Pose Horror - Halloween wallpaper

6. Ghosts

Ghosts - Halloween wallpaper

 7. Eye Horror

Eye Horror - Halloween wallpaper

More Android-Theme  Wallpapers:

Free HD Halloween Wallpapers for Android

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