Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Best Halloween Costumes Idea 2012[VIDEO] - Creating Horror Halloween Costumes with iPhone or Android Devices

Are you still wondering ideas for a unique and horror Halloween costumes?

As technology updates and smart devices is popular, we can create more and more horror Halloween costumes with the help of some Halloween costumes applications or just surfing internet for Halloween costumes ideas.

So this key point of this blog is telling you how to use your iPhone or Android devices to help create horror Halloween costumes. First of all, please take some minutes to watch the following video and you will be surprised by this awesome Halloween costumes idea.

Yup! Great Halloween idea! In the above video, an awesome app is mentioned, called Digital Dudz, which is free available now on the Apple or Google Play stores. The Digital Dudz provides various cool effects and also some Halloween T-shirts for purchasing!

Digital Dudz - Halloween costumes app

How: Team it up with one of the many shirt options, and cut out a few holes on your T-shirt, then hide your phone or tablets to the inside of your shirt and BAM.

Guide to make Halloween costumes

You will become the hottest star on the Halloween Party!

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